Set In Motion

From Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

Set In Motion

The promised thunderstorm
The wind rises
tossing the trees
A yellow leaf flutters
across the window here
down, up, spiral around
and then I see
itโ€™s not a leaf
but a butterfly
disappearing into the dark

“Approaching Storm”, collage, 2006.


17 thoughts on “Set In Motion

  1. Thank you. We have quite violent thunderstorms in summer, I am afraid of them and often go and sit in the basement, if I am home. There is something elemental and destructive in them and I find myself coming back to them, and their emotional effect.

  2. I am of course, familiar with violent thunderstorms and used to sit and watch them happen – when I was still living in the city that is. However, when I moved to where I live now, there not being huge buildings all around me to deflect or dilute if you like, the effects of the storms, I’ve also taken to sitting the storms out either in the bathroom or the corridor, the two places where it would be unlikely for lightning to enter. While still fresh here, a storm flattened several trees and roofs of houses came off! I was okay though, just the wooden fence blew over. The thunder can get so close I tend to want to check outside, when it’s all over, where a crater has been blasted into the ground!

  3. Yes, that sound of thunder is a physical force, I feel the same way. And I remember one time, in our previous house, I was on the third floor looking out the window when lighting struck a tree across the street and split it down the middle. A big tree, as tall as our house, in one instant, lying on the ground in two different directions, and the sound of the thunder mixed with that of the tree tearing apart, cataclysmic and absolutely terrifying. Now you see why I like the basement in a storm!

  4. I actually identified a spot – the pantry – to go to in case of another serious hurricane! I should actually stock it with bottled water, and some food – in case.

  5. If nothing else the supplies will make it a more soothing place to be in an unpleasant experience. Sounds good to me. Also maybe a flashlight if it has no window. And a paperback or two. Now I’m turning it into a destination!

  6. I looked up the weather report for our area. There’s one expected on Saturday (tomorrow)! I think I’ll just close the curtains and make myself comfy on my bed with all the accroutements necessary to see it through. ๐Ÿ™‚

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