The Newness Cannot Wear Off

From The collection Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

The Newness Cannot Wear Off

The children splash in the hotel pool
The novelty of it being on the rooftop
maybe is forgotten when they jump in and
it’s just like the pool they go to at home
set in the ground. It’s not even the highest pool
in the neighborhood
The building next door has one seven stories higher up
and a man is leaning over the railing
looking down at us
or maybe just at the street.
Never mind. This pool is perfect
after spending the day in the car
zooming down the highway
going somewhere not here
but tonight they are here and
maybe the pool being on the rooftop hasn’t got a thing to do
with anything
except that it’s here
and just asking for some kids to jump in and swim

Honolulu, Hawaii – November 2000


4 thoughts on “The Newness Cannot Wear Off

  1. My kids love swimming in hotel pools. One of their favourite parts of each day of our vacation was getting to spend evenings in different pools. I think the best thing about rooftop pools is that they remove you from some of the city noise.

  2. There is something so exotic about a rooftop pool to me, having never seen one until I was about 25 years old (in Spain, of all places). If I were getting a city apartment and of course very well off, I would make sure it had a pool. On the roof, not the basement.

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