Metropolis Fever

From the collection published in 2015, Catch Up With Summer.

Metropolis Fever

China figurines on her shelves
crowded together so much that
they must have to say excuse me a hundred times a day
and worry about chipping each other and so on
if anybody moves
If one moves they better all move or get damaged
like people coming up out of the subway
in the morning when everyone is rushing so hard
to get to work and they just pour on to the street and
get moving without looking and there is a lot
of pushing and precious little excuse me
It’s a city on her shelves that’s what it is
and it wouldn’t suit me to have to look at it like she does because
when I come home
I want some room around me
I want to be out of the city.


13 thoughts on “Metropolis Fever

  1. You know when you think you hear a radio in the distance, and you perk up and listen, but then…the sound is gone? These guys know all about that trick, I think.

  2. Oh, you are probably right. I think if you were to go in there after hours, you’d hear some whispers for just a second before you turn on the lights, and the figures would be moved just a bit from how you remembered them last.

  3. Your poem taps into that psychological connection between physical clutter and mental clutter. I cannot do the minimalist thing as I find I need items that spark memories or which symbolise our personalities and interests for a space to feel like our space, like home. However, I cannot abide too much clutter either. It gets overwhelming. I am pretty disciplined at going through each room of the house at least every six months to conduct a purge and I always feel liberated and lighter for having done so. That said, those shelves remind me of the shelves in my son’s bedrooms which are bulging with their collections and which take me ages to dust and reorganise after each dusting session.

  4. I used to have a lot more things, collections, etc. I now find I can tolerate less and less. I like empty spaces. It is restful. I think I did my collecting thing and collected myself out, that is the only way I can understand it.

  5. Thank you. I hope we might see those stories on your site? I have done a couple of posts on my “Confused” blog where I took pictures of charity shop shelves of china figurines that caught my eye, there is a universe of scary little ornaments out there, and they fascinate me, for some reason.

  6. I shall put some stories up! I’ve not done so – wait, there’s one called Well Done that I posted early on, because it’s brief. I have some that are outrageous (ghosts but funny stories) and some that are straight ghost stories. ‘Scary little ornaments’ is right!!! You never know about these items! But some of them just look scary 🙂

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