Summer Bewitched

From Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

Summer Bewitched

The wild raspberries are everywhere this summer
great weather for them and the bushes grow like weeds
which I guess they are, in your suburban yard, but not here
out in the woods here.
I walk down the road
I see
coming toward me
a woman wearing a sunhat
She appeared like magic
not there and suddenly there.
The hat is what I notice first and then all of a sudden I see she is
carrying a flat basket full of
wild raspberries
looks like six pints of them? All from here in the woods.
Appeared like magic.

Lady in a sunhat holding a tomato, mixed media 6″ x 6″, 2013.


7 thoughts on “Summer Bewitched

  1. Thank you. This poem pretty much tells the story, I was at the trail early in the morning, running, whatever, and all of a sudden this lady comes along…it seemed otherworldly and somehow such a good thing, I carried the idea for the whole rest of the day.

  2. We used to cross the railroad tracks and collect blackberries when I was a young child. We would bring back buckets of them, so many my brother would sell them door to door in the neighborhood. I always had pricker marks on my arms and legs. (K)

  3. That sounds wonderful. I love blackberries. What a memory. And I remember having scratches all over my arms and legs too, though just from running around out in the fields and woods, all summer…

  4. Your poem was like a fairy tale. We very much miss all of our wild foraging for food. The boys especially miss gathering all the wild fruit, of course, but I also used to gather wild herbs for my cooking and garlic from the woodland.

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