Haiku 40-44

Haiku from a long time ago. I remember the bowl mentioned in #40.

When the old bowl broke,
What luck! I found a new one
Exactly like it.

Addled with the heat
My head swims; thoughts slip downstream
Right out of my grasp.

One long rope of rain:
Cloudburst, roof gutter, drainpipe,
Curb stream, underground

Three times the nest filled–
That one on the ledge. Three times
We said a good-bye.

Muggy, close, gray day –
Still summer. But, the crows cry
And a few leaves fall.


19 thoughts on “Haiku 40-44

  1. Thank you. I especially appreciate it, these were done so long ago, before I thought I could write anything that someone would want to read. Just for me, these were. And this time of year, we are starting to see little glimpses of fall, so they fit in with that yearly cycle and mood.

  2. Yes. And for me, looking at the dates of these haiku, at that time there was no outlet for them– no blog, no self publishing. Just doing it with faith in myself and a notebook of handwritten haiku. This is why I am so grateful for things as they are today. Because I well remember the isolation of the past.

  3. I didn’t start writing seriously until I was on maternity leave with my third child. As I had my hands full enough with babies (number four arrived two years later), moving house, twice, then another baby, I didn’t really have the time to myself to worry about success or failure. I get that now.

  4. You are reminding me of Shirley Jackson here. Come to think of it some of your short fiction also reminds me … I admire Shirley Jackson, by the way, this is a good thing I’m trying to say. !!!

  5. I’ve read up about The Lottery. The Scarlet Letter all over again, but with the author as the real scapegoat and the bogey men firmly in the present. I think I’d like this 🙂

  6. I just read a biography of her recently, but I read her books over the years. A versatile writer and an odd person and a really good story teller. Truly interesting.

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