Lost Chance

Sometimes a variation on a theme happens, not on purpose, but it comes about. That means the subject is not finished saying what it want to say, maybe. Or that I have dug a bit and exposed more of it?

Obviously the seersucker summer suit made an impression on me that goes deep. You may have read what I wrote about the subject in 2015 in a recent post, Thirty Years Ago It Worked Great. Here is something very current – it is from my soon-to-be-published book from the current Installment Poetry Marathon, Repairs.

Lost Chance

Seersucker suit
blue and white stripes
summer office fashion
some decades ago.
I could not afford it.
I cannot find it in the stores
when I can.


Postcard three white stalks with circles on a blue sky 3-16001

Mail art postcard, March, 3/16. Blue and white stripes, like my favorite version of seersucker fabric.

23 thoughts on “Lost Chance

  1. My life is full of the rubbish I couldn’t live without when I was skint and regrets on the gold I passed on when I had the chance.

    What a dash I would cut with a Seersucker Suit!

    Your illustration looks to me like peas in a pod, perhaps because I have been both drawing and eating them lately.


  2. Living in Britain, we never had much call for seersucker fabric. I mainly associate it with the colonial era, Brits living in places like India (which, I think, is where the word seersucker comes from). I definitely see the appeal, however, in the humid climate we have here in PA. How you feel about the fabric is how I felt for a long time about travel: when I was younger and had the time and opportunity to travel more widely, I did not have the available money; then when we were on two professional salaries and could afford the travel, we did not have the time to do so; now we have a compromise situation where we can travel a bit if we scrimp and save throughout the year and can really stretch a dime on vacation. Incidentally, have you thought about looking online for seersucker clothing?

  3. Yes. I hope I have gotten it out of my system, this seersucker thing. I need to remember how happy I am about athletic clothing in Dri-Fit, of which I have plenty! as opposed to cotton T-shirts from 1980. Not to mention Lycra bathing suits vs. flowing nylon tank suits a la 1968. Summer.

  4. Thank you. I thought the postcard also looked liked seeds in a pod, I was thinking of trees I saw in the arboretum last week that had loads of what looked like snowpea pods hanging all over the tree. Just wow. And as for the things we have and the things we passed up, it seems to be in the nature of time passing to revise our feelings about them, I am finding. I will say, not long ago I was able to get the kind of car I wanted 37 years ago when I started working and could not afford, and I am not meaning a luxury car, just a nice mid-range. I feel totally satisfied with it and the waiting made it even better, I think. Kind of silly but sometimes, I guess, the want and can pay for lines converge in a nice way…

  5. Yes. I can see just the suit I wanted: on the person of a girl I worked with, except her was in pale red and white. Now I will go back, clutching a handful of dollars, and get her to take me to the store where she got it and I will buy one. In blue and white.

  6. Yes, I have. But you know, I don’t lead the lifestyle anymore for it; I particularly hankered for a suit, and honestly, the idea of wearing a suit now, well, it just isn’t me. I do know you can get shorts and so on; but it’s that suit…and the fact that I was on a tight budget and had two suits that I mixed and matched for the whole week (navy and khaki) with an extra skirt thrown in to make it work plus blouses. I got by on about 10 items of clothes a work week. That seersucker suit was just not fitting into my budget…and I’m not going to be 21 again, either, and working at a bank…something that the poem leaves out…!!!

  7. I read your first poem and then immediately spotted a woman in a seersucker suit when I was downtown…it IS a good summer look. Funny how things like that won’t let us go. (K)

  8. That’s life, isn’t it! When you want it you can’t afford it and when you can afford it you can’ get it! Lovely srt Claudia – wonderful colours, textures and shapes….

  9. Yes, it is funny. I think it got imprinted on my brain way back when and has become iconic of summer to me. Now, if you see that lady again, grab her and ask her where she got that outfit!

  10. Thank you. Yes, it is the nature of things, there are mismatches in life. All the time. Although they do not always represent lost opportunities but maybe are – the unexpected gift?

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