The Anti-Perfect Remedy

From Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

The Anti-Perfect Remedy

The neighbor’s garden has one of those fake owls stuck on a stick
supposed to keep away other birds or
maybe it’s a subtle comment about
how smart you have to be
before you venture into that tangle of weeds?
I wouldn’t put it past the old gentleman
to make a joke like that.
I like the old guy
though the other neighbors fuss
over the disarray in the garden
the unkempt lawn
the peeling paint on the garage
I like things just as they are.
I think I’ll go over and
say hello to the owl.

“Owl”, mixed media, 2007.


14 thoughts on “The Anti-Perfect Remedy

  1. Sounds like a police state! Neighbours complaining about the untidy state of somebody’s garden? Good for the old gentleman, though I hope the owl doesn’t keep the birds away.

  2. I always enjoy how you strip things down to their essences (words and images).
    We call my neighbor’s yard “the jungle”. No lawn police here though. (I remember my father complaining bitterly when neighbors didn’t keep their yards up to his standards…) (K)

  3. Thank you. I’ve been known to let some details get to me about my neighbors…luckily nothing too big. Friends down the street fought a successful battle to have a semi-abandoned house dealt with (an unusual case with all kinds of twists); and it’s been renovated and re-sold. So the owl and messy yard are not much to worry about, I guess…

  4. Thank you! Our yard is neat but messy, if that makes sense. Lots of stuff in it but we are not hacking our way through it to get to the door. Too-manicured makes me nervous as does a jungle. Funny how there is that zone of interestingly untidy…

  5. Alas, we have a neighbour whose property , if called unkempt, would be a compliment. A tangle of trees over hang wild grasses & sucker trees. It would be a small issue really, but his hooting is most foul . If birds of a feather flocked with him, the air would be full of Trumpian tweets.

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