Haiku 20-24

More haiku from the archives.

The houseplant withers
And no one knows why. Its leaves
Scatter on the floor.

In the silent house
The withered plant drops a leaf
To the floor, loudly.

Red geraniums
Lined along the window sill
Catch the neighbor’s eye.

Daffodils push up
Through the earth, far too early,
But they don’t think so.

Moving aimlessly
In the wind-swept parking lot,
Shopping carts collide.

16 thoughts on “Haiku 20-24

  1. I’ve definitely had houseplants with that ailment. They can also mysteriously revive. Plants have their own agendas, and only sometimes do their intersect with ours. (K)

  2. Thank you. Sometimes I was that neighbor and sometimes I was the person setting out the geraniums. In the house we lived in at the time of this haiku, we had such nice deep windowsills that cried out for plants to sit on them. Especially nice in the winter.

  3. Yes!, I can just imagine the opening scene: the oppressive quiet, the sun slanting in a window across a patterned carpet, curtains half drawn; all is tidy; zoom in on the plant, strangely out of place in its dying state. In total silence, the one leaf falls. Loudly. You know things are not going to go well here…

  4. Withering plants. That’s me. We just planted some flowers this weekend and, as I tucked them into the soil, I did wonder how long it would be before I killed them. I am dreadful with plants.

  5. Hmmm…we need an idea. Plant weeds? You may laugh. But I’m am thinking of planting some next year in my yard. Starting with milkweed for the butterflies.

  6. Aren’t weeds just flowers in unwanted places? I actually leave some weeds be if I find them attractive and so long as they aren’t pernicious enough to kill off other plants. I’m an abysmal gardener though.

  7. You do you, daffodils.

    I like these. The daffodils are my favourite.

    Tangent: I will be planting red geraniums in the flower bed in front of my windows come spring.

  8. I love what you said! I felt that way back when and I still do every spring. Even more when I see daffodils that have escaped and are growing beside the road, say. They know what they are doing, every time. And the red geraniums, I hope they bring smiles every time yo look at them! I have loved them since I was a little girl. We had them in a box under our kitchen window.

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