From the collection Catch Up With Summer, 2015.


Like a group of lifeguards ready any time to swim out and save
someone drowning
but in the meantime they wait on the guard stand
Like the engineers lining up the numbers for the load factors
but in the meantime they wait for the final specs
Like the two guys in the park ready to be
sliding the chess pieces across the board
picking them up with two fingers and
landing them with a snap
But in the meantime somebody’s got to come along
who wants to pick up a game
It does something to you
I think
that you can be ready
but nobody wants what you have
to offer.

mail art postcard, 2013.


10 thoughts on “Untapped

  1. Or, think of a new direction, there is an unending need in life to reinvent, I think, as we get swept along. A bit of mourning, grieving; then, well, we have to just get on with it, it seems, and I have found that often the new direction turns out pretty well. Being unneeded can turn into – why not, I have nothing to lose, the old way is no longer working – I think.

  2. That is definitely true. You have to have accumulated some things you think are worth sending out into the world. That takes time.

  3. I like the way each of the scenes of waiting flows into the next, creating a connected among the scenes of feeling disconnected, creating continuity despite the isolation of each scene. I have been there many times with the waiting but, whether chicken or egg, so many of the things that bring me joy are largely solitary pursuits and don’t depend on anyone else.

  4. Thank you. I think for me I’m always hoping to make a connection, maybe because I haven’t often found it easy to do so; and having something to say and not much of anyone listening through many times in my life I feel it extra hard as I get older and time is shorter. Blogging being a gift to me.

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