Haiku 250, 251, 268, 270, 272: The Theme is Food

Some of these haiku were written as part of recent sessions of the Installment Plan Poetry Marathon and you may remember some of them from those posts, but they deserve their own official turn to shine, I think. Numbers 270 and 272 were written in correspondence with another writer of haiku, Wonky Wizard.

Tiny old lady
peers over the pyramid
of pale green apples.

Hanging bananas
snagged by display hooks. Shoppers
pluck them from this tree.

In the hot oven
corn muffins rise together
prepared to perform

Dish incognito
confronts wary travelers
missing home cooking

Too many choices
confront bewildered diners
Ambush by menu

27 thoughts on “Haiku 250, 251, 268, 270, 272: The Theme is Food

  1. I love the tone of these. If we can’t experience the excitement and danger of the primitive hunters, we can get a little thrill from the sinister banana displays and the piles of fruit ready to avalanche on the unwary.

  2. Thank you. I may be expressing my feelings about food shopping…!!! Seriously, the grocery store and so on is just like everything else, we are all out in the hostile environment trying to get what we need, be good people while doing this as much as we can, and avoiding danger…

  3. I think I have started something with this crepe myrtle. They are all over and not noticed until they bloom, I guess, but to me, they are very distinctive in all phases since I started to notice them a while back. I have no idea what the attraction was but now…I’ll have to keep an eye on those ones at the library and let their personas show in other seasons.

  4. Yes, me too, I tend to grab a few out of the many and decide from that, and sometimes my elimination process is sound and others – I am just grabbing…

  5. Supermarkets are a hostile environment, I agree. We buy almost all our fruit and vegetables from the market, and the poor things in the shops look like the vegetable equivalent of battery chickens.

  6. These are fantastic! Every single time I eat in a diner, I get overwhelmed and mentally blocked by having so many choices – and I don’t eat red meat so that eliminates huge numbers of options. I loved the corn muffins haiku. I’m thinking of synchronized dance now. And I’m craving corn muffins now.

  7. Around here most farmer’s market items come from the same place as the grocery – we do get a good amount of local produce in season. But you travel 2 hours away from the city or so and the markets are local. I remember the one at State College (where Penn State U is where my son went to college) which is in the agricultural middle of our state. What a wonder market they had.

  8. Thank you. I thought of the muffin one when making corn muffins, they were lined up in their pan so nicely, all ready to take their cue. I do not know how this stage metaphor came about to me, but it is what I thought!

  9. Yes, I know. I like to try different things so I’m not usually put off and I enjoy the new tastes, etc., but – then I need to ground myself with a pizza or cheese sandwich. There is no place like home. My motto.

  10. Fruit and vegetables piled up on a market stand look so much more natural than the specimens under cellophane in the supermarket. It’s probably an illusion…

  11. As I was writing that comment, I was actually thinking about a toddler (my grandson) or any toddler with a plate of never-before-seen food, perhaps something brightly colored and stacked precariously in a neat high pile on a plate…where to start, and didn’t I just learn that those stackable, brightly colored plastic rings that look like donuts don’t really taste good? haha!

  12. This sounds like a painting idea…? I would like to see what you would do with this subject which in many hands would be sugar sentimental, but you – I think you’d do it justice. May I dare to hope?

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