Haiku 279 and 281: The Theme is Night Before Going to Sleep

I’m so mixed up. Maybe I’ve posted these and maybe not. Here they are again, if I did. They are from earlier sessions of the Installment Plan Poetry Marathon.

Crickets conjuring
violins in the darkness
the gibbous moon sings

Before the dreams come
we close our eyes and listen
grandmother’s voice soothes


8 thoughts on “Haiku 279 and 281: The Theme is Night Before Going to Sleep

  1. I particularly like the second one Claudia. I didn’t have this type of grandmother…both lived far away..but I can imagine the feeling 🙂

  2. Thank you. When I was young we spent many nights at our grandparents’ house, with them living only a few minutes away. My grandmother always read to us before bed. She had a book of fairy stories I particularly liked, I still have it, with her annotations at the top of each chapter recording the date and who she read it to (me, my sister, my cousins, whoever).

  3. Both are beautifully evocative and I like the sense of stillness in them both and the lullaby quality to the rhythm. The second poem makes me think of my Gran telling us not bedtime stories, since she didn’t know that traditional bedtime fare, but family history anecdotes.

  4. Thank you. I have always liked bedtime, even as a child – the sense of a day packed with interesting things (even if not a good day, a happy day, whatever, life is always giving up some action, right?) and being tired and ready to retreat from that very activity.

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