It Could Be

From Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

It Could Be

On three sides
the trees and hedges. Open to the sky
the back yard is an atrium
a million miles high
the noon sun shining down
of clean light.
Nothing in this scene
is hidden.
I donโ€™t have to back away
thrusting out my hands
to give myself more space
or to pull the space closer around me.
I can imagine myself making the promises
that I cannot keep but would like to
hope to
standing here
in this light.

Mixed media, 2015, 6″ x 6″

22 thoughts on “It Could Be

  1. Thank you. I wrote this about my back yard. I have a really great spot here where I live, nothing spectacular, but somehow very enveloping and yet opening. I was trying to express that here.

  2. I’m not much into poetry Claudia but I do enjoy every one of your artworks and collages. This one is so wonderfully balanced and just pure beauty. Thank you for sharing it

  3. Thank you. We were lucky in that this house backs up to a watershed area and so the back yard is very long, the house needed to be built up close to the road, and nothing behind it. Previous owners set hedges along each side, very high, and so it is nice and enclosed. A really restorative place, I think, peaceful and lots of animals, insects…

  4. Thank you. I try to match art and words together (sometimes the connection may be vague but it always makes sense to me!) and I am encouraged and feel a sense of satisfaction in seeing that my words and my art make a coherent vision (I mean overall, not any particular pairing or group). It makes me feel that my life makes sense, which I have not always been able to feel. Thank you for what you said about this one; I love the idea of standing in the light.

  5. I know. I could quote Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz here (my favorite movie since 1963, never topped) but as I look back, this is what I wanted: that my home is this place, I don’t want to wander looking around. And that is has happened, well, that is just almost too good to be true. I am very grateful for home.

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