From the collection published in 2015, Catch Up With Summer.


The little defect in my right eye means
I see the world with a little ripple in it
could be so much worse
because I could have had no sight in that eye
but after the operation I had a little ripple
and it’s going to stay
so I’ve made friends with that small defect
now it’s my own. We’ll be going along together
from now on out. It’s funny how quick
you forget how things looked
before that
little ripple
turned up.

mail art postcard, 2015.


14 thoughts on “Insight

  1. While in your case the ripple is literal, I feel like it also stands as a metaphor for a changed perspective that can’t be sloughed off. I know I’ve had some life experiences that have changed the way I view things. Those are my ripples.

  2. Like that new car that gradually gets those dings and little quirks! That is who we are, an accumulation of experiences, and they make their mark, don’t they?

  3. Oh wow, you’re the 2nd person I’ve learned has a ripple. A friend of mine just found out she has one, also. I learned that I can’t donate my corneas, recently. While my sight isn’t affected by this, supposedly, I have some texture on the inside of the corneas. Hmmm, who knows how that affects things. So interesting. As visual artists, we do see things differently.

  4. Yes, I am lucky, before my retina surgery I had essentially lost all sight in my right eye. After repairs I fee very grateful that I have only some impairment. Large print books a real help! This poem was written 2 years ago and I’ve had other issues since but I am lucky and I know it!

  5. Oh Claudia… was scary wasn’t it? I had a big black thumbprint in my right eye…..and only partially detached in the left. Harrowing story, but in the end, surgery worked. I’m so happy and fortunate to still have my eyesight, a little ripple would probably be a welcome reminder that every view is just a little different.

  6. Yes. We are lucky! And you are right, scary. I am glad you are ok, that sounds severe! My left eye has developed some issues and I now have glaucoma in that poor right eye, but these can also be handled. Plus cataracts removed in 2015 with good results. Thank goodness for our sight and for those who can help us keep it.

  7. Yes, in 2013-14 I had the lenses replaced – what an acid trip that was! In the first case, it didn’t help that the doctor was extremely rattled when he saw the detachment and didn’t catch the partial detach on exam ….but the surgeon did…haha. I suppose that’s why I spend most of my time on visual art!

  8. Wow. Now that is terrifying. Mine developed slowly and the cataracts were a complication of the original surgery (I had been warned to expect). Drawn out process but went well for what it was.

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