Just Yesterday

From Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

Just Yesterday

The children come into the library
straight from the pool next door
wearing their bathing suits
in a wave of chlorine and sunscreen lotion.
I feel their water-wrinkled fingertips
in my own.
Their flip-flops slap at their heels and
mine, too.
Such a summer was so long ago for me
and yet
maybe not at all
if I still know how a bathing suit feels
wet enough from a day at the pool
that I have to sit on a towel
in the car
on the way home.

mixed media, 2008

20 thoughts on “Just Yesterday

  1. the towel on the back seat (which helped given everything inside the car had risen to a tempture of what seemed 500 degrees after sitting in the parking lot) and since we had been at the beach, lots of sand everywhere, including inside the bathing suits, and the smell of the salt of the Pacific Ocean side by side with the pleading to stop at Dairy Queen.

  2. The same thing in our car, the plastic seats too hot to sit on. But we had chlorine smell from the pool, and ice cream bars from the snack bar (the towel also helped with the cleanup from melting ice cream…)

  3. My dad used to sit at the 9′ end of the pool with a scuba tank and us kids would dive down and buddy breathe with him. We all got such a kick out of that. Many good times at the pool! And I’m still swimming!

  4. I think that would be great. I’d love to see a swimming pool painting and I think this subject has a lot of possibilities. Plus it sounds like such a good memory.

  5. I like how you feel the wrinkled fingers and slapping flip flops. My memories of swim classes in pools are not so great but I do remember being in lake water all day when I see kids at a lake.

  6. I spent countless hours at the pool up until I graduated from high school; I was a competitive swimmer and a general pool rat. We were always there. Summers even better because we could swim outside. It is funny how some memories are so strong that they last like this. We also lived near a lake and while we didn’t swim there, I did lots of water-skiing and various kinds of boating.

  7. Oh yes–sitting on the towel in a wet bathing suit. I remember doing it, and I remember our daughters doing it. I think you’ve hit a strong memory for many people here, Claudia!

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