Haiku 248, 252, 264, 265, 269: The Theme is Rain

You may remember some of these haiku – they are recently written in one or another session of the Installment Plan Poetry Marathon. But here is their official presentation to the world…

Please yourself, drizzle –
Wash out the girls’ softball game.
Sit out there alone.

One million seedpods
landed on the dry planet
and waited for rain

Red roof tiles slick up
turn silver backs to the sky
in the pounding rain

Deep red turned silver
in the dark-gray-day drizzle
Shining slick roof tiles

Double life drainpipe
removes rain and supplies birds
with a building site

2 thoughts on “Haiku 248, 252, 264, 265, 269: The Theme is Rain

  1. I do love those very visual poems about the roof tiles but the haiku that speaks most to me today is the seedpod one. I love that idea of patiently waiting for possibility and potential.

  2. I see opened seedpods all over the place, and now we are getting to acorn season and walnuts. I really enjoy thinking that each one of those, well, we don’t know, but someday it could be a giant tree above us, when today we are looking at it before it even got started. There is something so exciting about this idea to me.

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