Haiku 261 and 287: The Theme is Birds

Maybe you remember these haiku from earlier sessions of the Installment Plan Poetry Marathon? Here they are, official debut.

Gray and black feather
separated from its bird
alone in the grass

one dozen blue eggs
turned into summer robins
with a little time.


13 thoughts on “Haiku 261 and 287: The Theme is Birds

  1. I love both of these. I’m glad the bird in the first one only lost a feather. Whenever I see a fallen feather, I fear that the rest of the bird is not too far away.

  2. Thank you. Yes, I see lots of lost feathers since I exercise a lot in wooded parks. And occasionally I come on whole birds or bird parts and I always wonder how the scene played out: the hunter and the hunted.

  3. Thank you. I remember as a child what a rare event it was to find these souvenirs of birds, even the most ordinary was something special. I remember a blue jay’s feather I kept for years.

  4. If it was a natural predator, there’s not much to feel sad about, except that death is always sad, but in our parks, I have a nasty feeling that the torn up pigeons are the work of sadists who see them as fun targets.

  5. I always think feathers are gifts (even pigeon feathers, which is basically what I find around here). Bird parts, on the other hand…
    But I love the egg transformation too. Life. (K)

  6. Thank you! And I am touched that you wanted to say so and not just like, and that you did. Does this make any sense??!! I’ll just say thank you! again.!

  7. I can only speak for myself but someone simply saying, I like it, is meaningful to me and I appreciate it. There doesn’t have to be anything more, I just am grateful and thankful for the gesture no matter how it comes. Because people don’t have to say anything.

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