In Another Narrative

From Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

In Another Narrative

Rained last night and saturated every last everything.
This morning
water drips down the rock walls of the cut through the hill
where the train tracks used to go and
now I walk there
through a mist conjured up by the
forces of cool stone warm morning and
a lot of water in the atmosphere
which is what this stretch of path has plenty of right now.
A curvy stick down by my feet becomes a snake
in my vaporous thinking
I step aside all the while aware
it is not a snake but wouldn’t it be just right
if it were
and it spoke to me
with some good advice
here in this fairy-tale morning?

“Running Through the Fairy-Tale Forest”, mixed media, 2013.


12 thoughts on “In Another Narrative

  1. It is another example of the universe making its own sense – you are right – this poem is perfect for today though I set up the post several days ago.

  2. Great poem, Claudia.

    I was wondering… I’m a big fan of your work. I love the graphic quality of it. It appeals to the graphic designer in me.

    From time to time, I do a Q&A featuring artists, writers etc. A bit like the one in the Guardian on a Saturday. It’s called The Boating Party, after Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party. And I was wondering if you’d be interested in taking part? Basically, you answer a few questions and I put up samples of your work with a link to your blog/website. Profile photo is optional. Oh, and a bit of an artist’s biog. Here’s a link to the last one I did if it’s something you’d be interested in taking part in.

    No problem if it’s not for you.

    Best wishes,


  3. Thank you so much for the invitation, I’d love to do it! I’m very flattered, don’t know how interested anyone would be, but I know I’d enjoy it! Thank you.

  4. It’s funny, I played with garter snakes when I was a child with no fear. Not sure I would do so now…but I like them as a symbol (and support Eve in wanting knowledge).

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