Tanka 48 and 51

Stress. Worry. Hard feelings. Bad attitude. Can be resolved in more than one way.

The fingers twisting
the key to the music box
around and around
until it stops. Then once more.
Too far. It breaks free and spins.

The storm-cloud presence
looming over the counter
in the florist’s shop
brightens when I ask to buy
a dozen yellow roses.


5 thoughts on “Tanka 48 and 51

  1. It’s interesting to read these as a pair and to view them as expressing different responses to oppressive contexts or some form of pressure. In one instance, the impulse is to keep pushing until collapse; in the other, the response is to ignore the gathering storm and focus instead on something that opposes it.

  2. Something always has to give, it seems, and I guess I am always hoping for it to go easily and be repairable. Or revisable, maybe. That the broken can be healed.

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