I Am Possessed and I Like It

From Catch Up With Summer, published 2015.

I Am Possessed and I Like It

The paint on the brush did not follow
the line I thought I was laying down
It made its own way and
the result is better. Now my hand picks up the idea of
what to do because look now it’s working away with the brush
stroke after stroke of color filling in a shape
that I did not know was going to appear
but it did. Can I interrupt for a minute?
I want to say to the brush, the paints, the painting, but
they are busy
can’t stop to chat. The brush and the paint
move on without a stumble or even a pause
and the tubes of paint on the table line themselves up
waiting their turns like concrete trucks at a pour
and then the structure arises before my eyes
How did I do it? I ask,
as I always do
and like every time
I answer
I didn’t


15 thoughts on “I Am Possessed and I Like It

  1. It is exactly how I feel. I feel I open a door and let in (or out?) the process of creating something. Welcoming it. Rather than me thinking I’m that much in charge!

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