Haiku 8-11

Haiku from long ago. I became interested in the form when I did some poetry writing sessions for my son’s 4th grade class.

The office worker
Hurries out for lunch and sees
Only his desktop.

Next house down the street
The postman clicks shut the box,
Shrugging off the rain.

Up there, count five nests
Still clinging to bare branches,
Old family homes.

Twigs drop from above.
The family has moved on
But the nest remains.

9 thoughts on “Haiku 8-11

  1. I love the nest pair. The final one makes me imagine what I might experience as an empty nester – accomplishment since I’ll have done by job raising kids from babyhood to independent adulthood but maybe something bittersweet about the end of an era.

  2. From my viewpoint I think your anticipated reaction is accurate. But I’ve been more interested in the view forward, once I got used to the new situation. Freeing.

  3. That’s a pleasant thought. I saw a bird in my driveway yesterday. It let me get very close before it scampered (didn’t fly) away. It looked like it was still young, and I hope it wasn’t injured.

  4. I’ve had similar experiences where the bird ran off rather than flying and they were always kind of small, which I interpreted as it being young and confused as to how to react, and not too used to flying? I always think – Bird, I’m friendly, but the next guy might not be! Beware! – because we have a lot of hawks around here and baby birds…rabbits… and so on are so vulnerable.

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