Haiku 1-6

I’m going through my archives. How about some haiku from a long time ago? I think I wrote these around the time I did a session on haiku for my son’s 4th grade class.

Gray clouds seep cold drops
Worry fills a frantic mind.
Now, where is the sun?

Spring rain? Raw and cold!
Can the calendar be wrong?
Or is it the rain?

All the rain-dulled day
Vivid pansies shout out loud.
Still, sleepy eyes close.

Tangled quince branches,
Slick and dark, shiver rain drops
From pink almost-blooms.

Passersby hurry.
Crocuses under the hedge
Call out for a look.

Their thoughts somewhere else,
People wait in the sunshine
as the bank opens.

25 thoughts on “Haiku 1-6

  1. Yes, I like seeing that in everyday life. People assorted randomly in an ordinary situation, and yet the whole thing is full of implications and thoughts and so on. And then there is the surrounding world going on, more or less oblivious to these people, and they to it. Like someone scattered pebbles on a beach with the ocean nearby, and what is going to happen next?

  2. Yes. But there is a restful layer of it in which you can slip through the day untouched by others’ emotions or expectations. My preference is for many of these vs. a few of the others.

  3. This is a great collection Claudia. I wouldn’t mention everything I liked but one thing I admired was how rain shivers drops and seeps from clouds.

  4. Thank you. I kind of wondered if I should post such old things, but they are from when I first got interested in haiku – I did workshops for my son’s class and I think this was one of the first subjects that I researched on the internet as well (it was the 1990’s). I am glad you liked them, it makes me feel good. I remember writing the haiku you mention and it is just what I felt when I looked at the weather that day.

  5. We all have our ratios of people/solitude, I think. Understanding what your own is, is another story, I think. Society values exterior involvement very much.

  6. Thank you. They were written so long ago, I surprised myself, rereading them, that they made me remember when and what things were like when I wrote them. I am glad people liked them, I wondered if they were ok, being from way back when when I didn’t have as much writing practice.

  7. Yes. Do I ever understand. Since childhood I’ve been told to participate. Personally I find most situations are just not interesting enough. Now that I am older I am even more jaded about it, and less apologetic about just being – alone.

  8. When my husband and I were first together, we spent all our time together and resented anyone else butting in. Friends told us it was unhealthy! They foretold emotional burn out, and wondered what we found to talk about. Neither of us are joiners, and it has always been resented. A bit like, oh, so the rest of us aren’t good enough for you, are we?

  9. I understand totally. I could talk to my husband all day long. In fact I do. Only person I’ve ever found like that. I feel lucky. Otherwise, books. My best friends.

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