Grasp the Advantage

Clay figurines, 2012

From Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

Grasp the Advantage

Somewhere in the building far off
a whole crowd of people laughs and
it echoes up the stairwell.
Clapping. More laughter.
A clear high voice
words indistinguishable.
A low rumbly set of thuds
interspersed with screeches of metal on tile.
General chatter. Cheerful voices ring out.
Someone has given
a successful lecture,
I deduce,
now it’s time for refreshments. Maybe I can go downstairs
and see if I can crash the reception.
I didn’t have much lunch, you know.


2 thoughts on “Grasp the Advantage

  1. The closing of the poem reminds me of my Great-Gran. She would attend the funerals of elderly strangers on the basis that they may not have had many living friends or even family left but she’d then also attend the wake for the free food and drink.

  2. I think your Great-Gran sounds like someone I would have liked to have known, and I think her funeral process entirely logical. I like the mixture of feeling and practicality!

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