Haiku 80-84

More from the archives.

These timid raindrops
Apologize as they fall
But still they do fall.

The last day of school
Endless summer straight ahead.
I am eight years old.

Eleven houses,
A cemetery. Drive on,
Ignore the stop sign.

There is such suspense
Slowly reach out your hand
Open the mailbox.

I reach out my hand
With such anticipation
And take the letter

7 thoughts on “Haiku 80-84

  1. We only got five or six weeks of summer break in Scotland but I still loved that feeling of time and possibilities stretching ahead of me. I love that it’s with that idea of being “endless” that your poem concludes.

  2. Thank you. I know when I was young, summer was eternal. And a place to erase the past ( I guess leaving the old school year behind) do a whole different direction. special only to summer, and prepare to start anew. A time unconnected to the rest of the year.

  3. Mail used to be so exciting. I still send postcards to people on an irregular basis. It suggests so much more thought than an email, I think. (K)

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