Tanka 46 and 47

Snow in spring. Remember in summer. Anticipate in fall. Scheduled for winter, but…now we are back to snow in spring. All the harder for being out of season.

Behind the window
we sit in the warm bright room
watching the snow fall
swift and cruel across the glass,
endless ranks out of the dark.

Snow falls in the dark
swooping up to the window
hard into the glass
wanting to do us some harm
We draw back, shaken and small


4 thoughts on “Tanka 46 and 47

  1. Yes, I think snow can go either way, and for me, I tend to think the negative of snow, with it having associations of illness and trouble (since so many of my recent illnesses plus this year my husband’s fall ocurred in winter). I have lost that nice feeling I had about snow as a child. I hope to regain it as time passes and I move further away from the recent winter curse!

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