Tanka 40

It took little time
to become hopelessly lost
in the dark tangle
of wedding preparations
and honeymoon arrangements.


“Family Party” – collage, 2009.


13 thoughts on “Tanka 40

  1. Yes, I definitely think it is happier. I did it a long time ago and I remember, when I did it, thinking, it looks cheerful but there are always undercurrents (taking my own experiences into the process of art, I think). So for this poem, it seemed right to me, once again, it is that under the surface association thing going on, this time the one I have about the collage. My goodness, I am getting things so tangled up.

  2. My experiences have taught me that nothing, or very little, in personal relationships is wholeheartedly one way or another; I think there is always something going on under the surface that is a bit dark (or a lot). And wedding preparations as I have observed them in today’s world, they are often very over the top, expensive, and straining families in various ways, even though the occasion is a happy one.

  3. Yes. I’ve observed so much angst, hurt, stress, and financial woe attached to weddings. It makes me glad every time that my husband and I just had a very small penny wedding and it was all self-funded so was all on our terms.

  4. Yes, we paid for our own wedding too, and I’d say it was comparable to the ones of our time, 125 guests, and so on, but – all on our own budget and very modest compared to some I have heard about lately. Ugh, so much has become bloated about the process, it seems, and expectations for a perfect day correspondingly risen.

  5. Yes, I have done it and I’m sorry it didn’t exist when I was doing so much more of this kind of thing because the richness of the results is eye-popping.

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