In Full

From Spring Cleaning, published in 2015.

In Full

You know
He was always a loudmouth
a bragging kind of kid and a blustering adult
and we were always trying to get him to shut up.
He didn’t stay in one job for very long
don’t know why, maybe no one could stand the talk.
And so he moved to the other side of the state
for a while. Now I hear
he’s back and then I hear he’s had a heart attack
and next thing you know he’s died.
That’s it. The whole story.


Discarded metal pieces, all found together. 2015.


17 thoughts on “In Full

  1. Goodness. That’s quite the abrupt “eulogy”. It reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend a few months ago now about trying to figure out what the important aspects of your life are, the qualities of yourself that you wish to foreground, based on what people may write in your obituary or say at your funeral. I am hoping I will do better than “loudmouth” and “blustering”.

  2. Yes, that is what I thought. They seemed to fit with the idea of the subject of the poem being just a person, one among many, nothing to distinguish him, maybe, but still belonging, ordinary along with the rest of us.

  3. It is sobering to think what could sum up your life. In this poem I was thinking about some kids I went to high school with (I graduated 41 years ago so we are all well along in our life stories) that I haven’t seen since. And some I think did well, and others, I think this might be more true. I also think of how wrong I could be about someone I last saw at age 17. Interesting.

  4. Well, I found this whole group together, laid on the ground at a parking lot of the Pennypack Trail where I run a lot. The trail is on the bed of an unused rail line, so I have found spikes and so on along the trail. But these were not near it and I have no idea where they were before this, but I thought of them as a group that had to stay together and so…I must pick them up and take them home. Still have them.

  5. They did look like that, but they were not near where the tracks were, as all the other things I found. But – they appeared when the parking lot was made (this was a new stretch of trail 2 years ago) and I think they were found by someone and left (how could they, I sure grabbed them as soon as I saw them).

  6. I had a rough time at HS so don’t have contact with the majority of people I went to school with and really just Facebook contact these days with those who I was friendly with. The idea of a school reunion is anathema to me. Sadly, I rather think most of my predictions would be approximately correct. I was probably most wrong about myself actually.

  7. Some interesting commentary here. Some become more, some less.
    How would others sum us up? Best not to think about it…
    and yes, they were waiting for you! (K)

  8. I have wondered what people from my past would think of me now, and I also wonder if I had an accurate idea of how they thought of me back then. But I would not like to ask; you are right, best not to think about it.

  9. I remember the photograph from The Museum and am surprised you didn’t reference it, not even in the lovely comment by Jane. Have you given it up? I checked in on it the other day and there was nothing new.

    A thought from all the comments and in the light of the ‘eulogy’ – a family who bolted. I’m still sitting on an artefact here that I found surprisingly difficult to write about but meant to.

  10. The Museum has gotten shortchanged in the past months – with my husband’s accident and everything else, I just didn’t have the right frame of mind to collect or to write for it. I haven’t given up – I have it in my mind to return – and I think it’s a case of one day…I will start back in. You know how it is – the idea circulates for a while and then one day the energy is there. Thank you for remembering it. It gave a focus for my collecting. I think what you said about the artifact you want to write about but found it difficult – that has happened to me, a subject that is compelling and repelling me at the same time. Overcoming that is not always in our hands, it has to just happen, I think, maybe.

  11. He is really doing well. Walking fine, and has begun running (well, it’s more than walking, not exactly running, kind of very slow jogging…hard to describe….if you know what I mean). I think by the end of the year he will be running (in the traditional sense) and be sure of his footing in any circumstance. At this point, it’s just staying with the practicing and exercising. Thanks for asking.

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