I Wasn’t

From Spring Cleaning, 2015.

I Wasn’t

At the end I was so relieved to be
at the end that I did not
consider what comes after
Which is more.
Just in case you were wondering.


Fog and trees, Wyncote, PA, 2006.


17 thoughts on “I Wasn’t

  1. Yes, indeed. I love it.
    I was thinking of you last night as we were walking behind two women and eavesdropping on their conversation–well, not so much as eavesdropping, since they were talking in the elevator, too. 😉

  2. Thank you. This train of thought leans toward hope or fear depending on the vantage point. But it also can be directed to one or the other , I also think. It’s there for the shaping, in many cases.

  3. Though this poem was written two years ago I find it is really fitting into my last six months much better. So many endings, they just keep coming, and yet they clear out and leave a space. Now the scary part is filling it, and having the choices, and yet it is comforting to feel there is always a flow.

  4. Thank you, that is exactly it, and I think the beginnings and endings don’t occur in isolation but you always take something along with you from the past and into the future, good or bad. Life is a flow.

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