I Met My Match and We Embraced

From Spring Cleaning, published in 2015.

I Met My Match and We Embraced

Say you want to publish a magazine. Sure.
Everyone does. No ideas? Why let that stop you?
For the magazine-reading public
and I include myself
any subject will do
If you handle it right. Let’s say: home décor.
Modern Traditional Contemporary Home Décor
Sample article: I Met My Husband at the Tile Store
Old Mansion Home Décor
Sample article: I Met My Wife at the Tile Store
Apartment Better Than A House Décor
Sample article: Divorce Didn’t Stop Me From Creating
A Harmonious Home
I was going to say
it might be difficult to figure out
new ways to present the same old material
issue after issue
I now see
it could actually be
quite uncomplicated.
I myself have an especial interest in
home décor stories that include some supernatural element.
Just imagine.
So I hope you’re listening
You who are out there
about to start up a magazine.



16 thoughts on “I Met My Match and We Embraced

  1. Love this! Now write a story about the supernatural home décor. I think story, but it could be an article, “I Met My Ghostly Lover at the Tile Store (after hours)” 😉

  2. Supernatural elements are definitely necessary…
    although actually I will look at any magazine about anything anytime (scissors in hand). (K)

  3. I was a subscriber to two different (albeit niche interest) magazines that folded. I think I may be some sort of poltergeist where magazine publishers are concerned.

  4. You just have very specialized interests that are not common, maybe, and I feel whatever they were these magazines were probably pretty interesting , knowing you.

  5. Hmm…
    “I Didn’t Let the Zombie Apocalypse Stop Me from Making My House a Home”
    “Interior Design Dracula-Style: Thinking Beyond the Blackout Curtain”
    “39 Must-Try Decorating Tips for the Poltergeist in Your Life!”

  6. Thank you, sometimes I think the best part of my writing is the title and I always hope the poem lives up to it in the reader’s mind. because for me, of course, I did the poem, and then the title, so I already knew…!

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