Her Choice

From Spring Cleaning, published in 2015.

Her Choice

In the bright spring sunshine
that’s scrubbed up the whole morning
until it shines
The lady walks across the parking lot
phone to her ear
a sour expression on her face

Book page, acrylics: Sour-faced lady sitting in a chair, 2016.


11 thoughts on “Her Choice

  1. I love ” bright spring sunshine
    that’s scrubbed up the whole morning”
    I guess now that I write that, I do literally love that and love your phrasing. 🙂

    I wonder about the woman–I think she’s come from the doctor’s office and she’s talking to or about her ex.

  2. This poem seems to me to speak to the importance of noticing the small things in life, not getting so caught up in the things that drag us down that we don’t notice the everyday joy and beauty that we can find all around us if we only stop to look for it.

  3. Thank you. And this lady, well, she lends herself to a lot of scenarios (now you see what I think about when I’m eating lunch in the grocery store cafe and looking out the window) – I like what situation you have placed her in. It is interesting for me to revisit her and read the poem now, thinking of that.

  4. And also of how hard it is sometimes to overcome the dark things we have weighing on us, even in the middle of abundance. If it were only a matter of will to feel better, and sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t. I can speak to this myself. And sometimes the cruelty of the world to be in sunshine when you aren’t or can’t be.

  5. Yes. That opposite is absolutely true. I know sometimes I get into such a dark fog that it’s utterly impossible for me to identify the joy because I have to be so focused on just putting one foot in front of the other.

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