Hedge Your Bets

From the collection published in 2015, Spring Cleaning.

Hedge Your Bets

Repairs are so necessary to
pretty much everything there is
and yet there seems to be a shortage
of repairmen
or perhaps an imbalance
in the distribution.
Your washer is broken but it’s the refrigerator man
who can come immediately and fix your refrigerator
which is not broken but then
Your washer is fixed and the refrigerator decides to act up
The washer man can come immediately to work on your washer
which is fixed
even worse
the parts for washers are overloading the shelves in
warehouse after warehouse but not a single refrigerator part
can be found in any city
on earth
and the refrigerator man has gone on vacation.
When it’s your leg that’s broken – well
Remember the washer and refrigerator.
You may want to call ahead
and tell the hospital
You have sprained your wrist.

Fall Hazard sign at Loch Alsh dam, Upper Dublin Township, PA, 2015.


12 thoughts on “Hedge Your Bets

  1. We had a good laugh, after the event when the plumber couldn’t finish the job replacing our kitchen tap. Hoever the electrician who had to fix the wiring into the dishwasher was able to complete the job! 😄

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