Haiku 241

The hands transforming
mute trees in a shaded wood
The earthbound are ghosts

Photo printed (with the printer) on a paint color card, 2013.


22 thoughts on “Haiku 241

  1. Originally I wrote this in response to a haiku by wonky wizard – https://wonkywizard.wordpress.com/ – that he did regarding a painting of trees, that I did. I do think you are right – somehow the oracle was speaking in this process, I know I felt my thoughts had come from another direction than usual. And I agree. Sometimes I feel very ephemeral and not very tied to the world we are in.

  2. Nothing, you’d think could be more ‘earthbound’ than a tree, but you’re right, their branches are in the sky, home to birds, as if they’re just resting here awhile.

  3. And though they live a long time, it’s not forever, and then they become ghosts of themselves, I always think, when I see dead trees, especially with their bark peeled off. There are a lot of dead trees in one park where I run, because it is in a floodplain, and the trees that die seem to go about it differently and turn bleached and full of insect holes, totally transformed, ghosts.

  4. Wow! That must be worth seeing. In the spring and autumn when the tides are highest we see lots of big trees carried down to the sea. They look so massive, their branches reaching up to the sky, they look as though they’re calling for help.

  5. I think that sound so dramatic. When a big tree goes, it really seems a bigger than life experience. Every so often, at a different park I go to, large, healthy trees just too close to the creek bank are undermined in a storm and fall in. They take up so much room and look so surprised to be lying down, especially if it’s summer and they have leaves. The park people usually do some cutting to stop the creek (really a small river) from being blocked, and that is interesting to watch too, but I feel bad for the tree. This is not how it expected to end, I always think.

  6. Exactly. When the river is running fast, the big ones look as though at least they will make the sea. I hate to see the ‘dead’ ones being dredged up though. The ones that sink and become a ‘menace to shipping’ have to be dredged up and hauled out of the water. Like dead bodies.

  7. They remind us of our own mortality. We prop them up with sticks when they get old and bent, and after every storm, we rush out to see if they’ve made it.

  8. I like how you printed the tree on a paint card. A wonderful image for your haiku. 😊 I always hate when a tree dies. They seem to take forever to grow! After planting several in my yard a few years ago, I hope they survive for awhile. I marvel at their strength and their fraility. 🌲

  9. Thank you. I read about printing photos on paint cards and it took some experimentation but I got some nice images. The main thing is to make sure the ink dries totally before you handle it too much – it can smear. As for trees, we have planted several in our yard and now after 14 years here we see their progress. Seems hard to remember how small they were starting out.

  10. It has a long chain of inspirations I mentioned in the earlier comment and I think it became distilled to essentials but not so far too become gibberish. I am happy with that and feel it almost wrote itself.

  11. Thank you. Trees and their connections, to the earth and the sky both at once; and I always find being in the woods conducive to thinking in a different scale.

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