Snippets and Cogitation

From January and February 2017.


20 thoughts on “Snippets and Cogitation

  1. Only one (tiny!) quibble: my biggest breakthroughs seem to come when I walk right up to the edge of a bright idea…and LEAP! 😉

    These are delightful, as ever. Thank you!

  2. The bald head one made me chuckle and I love the idea of leaping off the edge of an idea for its ambiguity: is the leap really away from the bright idea or into the bright idea? It made me think of the risk we took in emigrating actually, a well researched gamble, a leap of faith but into the dark. I love those thin lines dragged through the turquoise paint.

  3. Did you realize that the WP Reader edited the message in your first picture to suggest one should do the opposite of what it says? Ah, technology! 🙂

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