Snippets and Balance

From February, 2017.


15 thoughts on “Snippets and Balance

  1. I believe there is a balance in everything and the key is to find it and to work to maintain it. Sometimes that is against what we think of as good, such as plenty, or being rich, or whatever. But I believe there is always a compensating weight on the other side. Equilibrium is important to me, I have had trouble finding it in my life in the past and value it in the present.

  2. This is one of those snippets that really makes me stop and think. I take from it the idea that perhaps if we don’t find an abundance of something that it is a sign that it was not meant to be.

  3. Yes, that is what I thought, too. When at first I combined these words I thought I knew what it meant, then I didn’t, then I did; it’s a little twisty but it expresses something I feel – everything is not meant to be in abundance or in plenty, and the balance of things must be maintained, with the scarce items having their role exactly in being scarce.

  4. Maybe its scarcity helps us recognize it as the right thing? Or…there is a kind of peace in thinking that we need only one of “the” right thing. That it can be enough.

    I agree that this is food for thought!

  5. I often say I’m satisfied and my husband used to think I meant I was still lacking, but to me, satisfied is a word meaning I have what I need, I have plenty, I am content. Attaining enough is wealth, I think.

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