“Five Seven Five” or, Haiku 68-79

This group of haiku was written, in this order, as the text for an artist book I made in 2012, called Five Seven Five. I don’t think I ever posted it, as it was done before I joined the blog world.

I am not sure what happened to the book. I don’t seem to have it anymore, though luckily I’ve still got the pictures.

Moon! I raise my arms
And I call out my greeting.
Will you answer me?

Saucer moon pours light
Along silent streets: our feet
Tap out loud bright steps!

I meant to be gone
Only a week. Now I’d say
Don’t look for me too soon.

The wind blew us here
And it will sweep us away.
We aren’t meant to stay.

I am wondering
If I should be suspicious
Of this well-marked path?

On the up staircase
No one thinks of the down trip
Pack a good ladder.

Stand at the window.
Look out at the empty street
Maybe they’ll come home.

I stopped to rest here
By this old tree. My bones ache
But the sun warms me.

I will continue
To knit this garment all night
If the yarn insists.

Her red umbrella
Wind-snatched right out of her hand!
Will she curse or laugh?

I know I’m so shy
I’m almost invisible.
I want to be loud.

If three’s a crowd, then,
What’s four? In this case, I’d say,
Quadruple trouble.


16 thoughts on ““Five Seven Five” or, Haiku 68-79

  1. It’s a beautiful book…I hope you find it. Although I’ve certainly managed to misplace a lot of artwork myself.

    The haiku are like stream of consciousness, the mind busy talking to itself. (K)

  2. Thank you. I followed my usual of letting the illustrations guide me and also that the whole book hangs together. Sort of. Seems to work for inspiration.

  3. Yes, the flow of the illustrations leads me when I writ this kind of thing. As for the actual book I think I gave it away. … now I’m sorry but then, well, I guess I didn’t think I’d want it.

  4. I used to run a joint project with the art department in the last HS I taught in. The first phase was that they would select a work of art and then write a short story, dramatic monologue, or poem inspired by that work of art. The second phase was that they would select a poem or short fiction piece written by an author of their choosing and would then create an art work inspired by it.
    The final phase was that they would write a text from their imagination and would then, in art class, create a visual response to their own creative writing. Or for some classes that last phase was the other way around, depending on schedules. It was an immensely fun project.

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