Snippets and a More Optimistic Outlook

From January, 2017.


11 thoughts on “Snippets and a More Optimistic Outlook

  1. I post somewhat ahead and so this one was scheduled some time ago, and yet – it was perfect for where we are today. Snippets know, I guess. All I have to give to the world is my words and my artwork; I want to emphasize the good, the hopeful, and maybe that will be of some use. I hope.

  2. Well isn’t that just perfect timing? Not for the first time, I’m left thinking your snippets are some sort of oracle – at least I’m hoping that the optimism of this one proves true.

  3. I’m even kind of scaring myself here. I do post ahead and there is no way that I could have known we would have this snippet in today’s world. I hope, also.

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