New Poetry Book in Print – “Refuge”

Here is my latest collection of poetry in print. It’s called “Refuge”, and it is filled with all the poems from the Installment Plan Poetry Marathon, January-March, 2017. If you’ve been following my marathon posts, you will have read some of these poems, but there are many more that didn’t get their chance to shine. Now they can.

I named the book “Refuge” because this time period was very stressful and hectic for me – you may remember my time and attention were focused on my husband and caring for him after his accident in December, 2016. My weekly sessions of poetry writing were a real place of refuge and rest.

Most of the poems were written at Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the library and the college for welcoming me as they have done. I have no connection to the school other than using the library, but they have taken me in, I feel. Thank you.

The book is available on Amazon and all the other usual places. Thank you for your reading and support here on the blog – it keeps me going.


21 thoughts on “New Poetry Book in Print – “Refuge”

  1. Another friend of mine runs an independent publishing press (the Santa Fe Writer’s Workshop) but he just recently published something he wrote – – using a different publisher – and he has found it to be a very different experience being the author rather than the publisher.

  2. Thank you. I get such pleasure out of doing books and seeing my words in print. I guess because I have a lifetime of book worshipping behind me. !!!

  3. Indeed. The book he wrote was part memoir, part family history, part local history. It was very personal and very difficult to write since his parents were abusive and his family dysfunctional and damaged. It wasn’t easy for me to read at times. So I’m sure the emotional side of things made it more complicated. However, I think just being on the other side of the table for a change made it a different experience. It’s difficult, I’m sure, to be the passive client when you know how the machinery of publishing works.

  4. I would think it would make you get a better book, if you knew publishing yourself, but – being the object of the process would be very disorienting. For some reason I’m enjoying comparing the two situations, they are so opposite in what they require – editor or author – when it comes right down to book production.

  5. The same situation is true here for me; I published these myself, deciding that the goal of books in print was worth my effort to do all the work. I don’t expect much from the books, just that they exist. If you are willing to take on a project, I can recommend CreateSpace, part of Amazon – it guides you in the process and does not cost anything to set up a book – only to print one (or a million) or if one sells, they take a commission. If you do a book I will buy a copy.

  6. As well you should, Claudia.:)
    I will be thrilled once I get these two books done and see them in print, but right now it’s drudgery.
    I think I will be more excited once I actually do something that is really me–like a poetry book. 🙂

  7. I really admire the fact that you can pull these together. I don’t know where you find the time and mindspace to do all the things you do! (K)

  8. Thank you. I’ve always had a lot of energy. Nervous and otherwise. Plus. I actually like putting these books together. I enjoy the process of ordering and reviewing.

  9. I have a few hundred poems in my pen drive. My first book was self published by Partridge; not happy with them, not just the small unpaid royalty, but difficult for Malaysians to buy, due cost and marketing factors. My second book was self published locally; cheap and easily sold privately, but could not get into local bookshops and publisher did not attach an ISDN. The marketing and advertisement cost more than the publication. Poetry has no market readership value here.

  10. It is a good thing we have the blog and so reach readers all over the world regardless of markets or local feelings. And I like it that the readers can let us know what they think of our work. I never imagined anyone would read anything I wrote, when I was young, and all we had was the dim possibility of getting someone to publish a book. Now, we have this universe of readers that did not exist. In the end, I am really grateful for that.

  11. Thank you! If you are interested in the evolution of the book, it was done as part of the Installment Plan Poetry Marathon I have got going on. This book was from sessions January to March 2017. If you look up the term Installment Plan etc. on my blog, you will see the posts for each week and some of the poems – I always report on my doings that way. Thank you for being interested, I appreciate it.

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