From the collection Spring Cleaning, 2015. Prompted by a story I read in the newspaper.


Healed from a life spent
saving buildings that end up in ruins
with occupants grieving
and all their possessions fit for the trash
if in good enough shape even to be worth the tossing.
Not religion that did it
Driving a bus.

Clay tile, @ 6″ x 6″, 2016.


3 thoughts on “Fireman

  1. It must be incredibly mentally fatiguing to do a job that leads you to come into contact with people over and over experiencing one of the worst days in their lives.

  2. I read a newspaper article that inspired this poem. The man said just that, he could not take it anymore, and driving a bus was what pulled him back to life. I loved that he found redemption in such an unlikely place.

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