Fine Points

From the collection published 2015, Spring Cleaning.

Fine Points

Looking at her
I think skirts in that style
went out of fashion some time ago
but I may be wrong
what with me not paying much attention to
fashion, skirts, or any of that kind of thing
but I do have the sense that skirts in that style
are not common these days as I cast my mind back
on a search. And I wonder what those little slits
about halfway up
are for
except looks
or trouble.

Clay tile, 2012

7 thoughts on “Fine Points

  1. I love that clay tile. The textures in it, the shape of the eyes and the circular breasts make me smile. I know nothing about fashion. I know what I like and what I don’t like and that’s it. I do try to buy more classic styles though so that my clothes don’t date as readily.

  2. Thank you. I made many woman tiles with figures like this in my “cave man tile” stage. And I’ll go back to it one day as I like the look – textures, etc., plus I had kind of developed a vocabulary for body parts. As for clothes, Land’s End and LL Bean are my universe, although I did buy a dress for a wedding from Talbot’s (that I did not get to wear because of my husband’s accident). Restricting the fashion universe has been of so much help to me!

  3. I feel like this clay woman is saying to herself: “Damn grrl, I look GOOD!”

    Gotta love a clay tablet with that level of self-confidence.

  4. Well, I’m a large plus-size woman who loves trendy fashion, and I can relate to this darling tile with the big gal rocking that dress!!!

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