Snippets and Mental States

From January and February 2017.

14 thoughts on “Snippets and Mental States

  1. Woah! These are all among your best ever snippets. They are seriously strong. I was charmed by the aggressive laundry one at the top – perhaps because I am always mired in some part of the laundry process. The lung one is particularly powerful though. Fantastic!

  2. Thank you. Yes, these are both true to life for me. Fiber arts have played a big role in my life; clothes, well, of course they appear daily in my life, but – we will always be only acquaintances…

  3. Wow! I feel really, really complimented! Thank you so much. I think as I do more snippets, I dig further into the — process, the thoughts, the level that snippets reside in my brain… — I don’t know. Speaking the snippet language more fluently, maybe. Anyway, thank you. Makes my day.

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