Everything Must Be Paid For

From Spring Cleaning, published in 2015.

Everything Must Be Paid For

If you come to the grocery with your children
you must be prepared
to ignore the sour looks from shoppers
who don’t care for the expression
of youthful high spirits
as demonstrated by throwing cherries
in the checkout line.

“Fruit Bowl”, fabric wall hanging, late 1990’s, probably about 14″ x 14″.


15 thoughts on “Everything Must Be Paid For

  1. I think I’d be looking pretty annoyed. Let them buy the cherries out of their pocket money then throw them about. Supermarket queues are stressful enough without kids acting like adults!

  2. Now that I am OLD, and have not had small children for a long time, I see things from a few perspectives, and it confuses me, but I don’t like getting hit with cherries, that I know!

  3. I did not participate, if you know what I mean, at any level (throwing, targeted, making snide comments…) but, several incidents I witnessed convinced me that I just want peace and quiet in my checkout line…!!!

  4. Thank you. My mind does hop around a lot, but I like it, and, you never get bored if you have a lot of things you are interested in, because something is always in front of you that intrigues you! There, my life philosophy in one paragraph…

  5. I’m never sure if people drag their kids round the shops because there’s nobody to look after them at home, or because they think that shopping is such a fascinating experience their children can’t fail to enjoy it.

  6. Then there is the group that brings them because there is no one to babysit, but also believes the world is better for more exposure to their fantastic kids who are just so cute and funny and appealing.

  7. Ha ha! Yes, they’d be the people who describe themselves as ‘mom to three tremendous fantastic wonderful talented kids’ etc etc. Come on, be honest.

  8. This poem makes me feel better about my life because my children have never been THAT badly behaved in a supermarket or any other store. They can be loud and whiny and annoying but I don’t think they particularly disturb other customers and they have most certainly never thrown anything. Phew. I actually avoid taking my kids grocery shopping whenever possible as I do it between getting out of work and collecting them from school. Summer is a whole other matter though as school is out and I have no choice. Ugh. I will need to remind myself frequently of this poem and that my kids have, at least, never thrown cherries.

  9. Of course not, I would have been very surprised to hear that they had, knowing you and your family. But others…they don’t do things the same way and all I have to say is, ugh, and also, the poor cherries, or whatever comes along next…and a lot of parents seem helpless in the face of misbehavior. Or laugh. ugh #2.

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