Snippets and Observation

From January and February, 2017.


16 thoughts on “Snippets and Observation

  1. I liked the theme you had going on here. The first one though seemed creepy and made me think of “Twin Peaks.” 🙂 I imagined the library card one stamped with a book on radio telescopes. The last one made me smile–it’s true.

  2. Thank you. There are a lot f different moods here, that is for sure. I like the Twin Peaks idea and also the radio telescope. I am intrigued by how people pay attention to each other and what they do with that info.

  3. These are great as always. There’s some really punchy phrasing in these. I have to disagree with the second one though – I think there’s always more to see.

  4. Thank you. I am not sure about the profundity, I may be hitting on something, or they may just be sounding like that. I am sure I thought they meant something when I did them but you know, sometimes I read things over later on and I can’t grasp the idea anymore. Oh dear! Well, I’ve digressed. Snippets are a lot of fun to do, no matter what, and they do make me travel in interesting mental directions. Thank you for what you said, makes me feel I’m getting somewhere with them.

  5. Thank you. I think I’m getting better at staying away from trite and getting more to the meat of things. Regarding the one you mention, I think you are right in the over all sense – another layer can be peeled away, always, I think that too. But, I also think that sometimes it’s not good to do that, or, people want to hide or protect something. Along the lines of “you don’t want to know that”.

  6. Yes, I think it is one of the most popular human things, to observe. And then to talk about it! Gossip, or reporting, or whatever, but telling as well as seeing.

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