Tanka 43, 44, 52: Penmanship

You may remember I have been working to improve my penmanship and I’ve acquired some nice fountain pens.

The fountain pen wrote
neat letters on white paper
finishing up dry
after a marathon slog
through floods of melodrama

A neat line of print
in blue-black fountain pen ink
stepped across the page
slowed down, staggered, veered off, quit
fell face down in an ink blot.

The pen wets its toes
in the bottle of blue ink
steps out on the page
inscribes a line of footprints.
The paper begins to fill.


5 thoughts on “Tanka 43, 44, 52: Penmanship

  1. Thank you. I tend to think of everything as being somewhat alive and having a personality, I think, ever since I was a little child. I think it affects my writing. I’m glad you liked this about the pens – I really do think a pen is cooperating with you or not, as you write or draw!

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