Discerning Taste of the Wrong Sort

From Spring Cleaning, published 2015.

Discerning Taste of the Wrong Sort

The office staff is rude
and worse
lazy and
most worse
Lacking personality.
They did not smile
at my very amusing
I believe no more need be said.

Collage, 2003.


16 thoughts on “Discerning Taste of the Wrong Sort

  1. Thank you. This poem expresses a view I’ve had all my life, participating on both sides, I am sure, but for my own sanity I focus only on the one here and ignore the flip side, where I am the office staff…gazing at the crazy customer…

  2. Yes. I remember when I moved to Phila from Tennessee, I was taken aback at the “rudeness”, but it’s just a different way of behaving (I find the way I grew up with way too sugary now). But, we are talking RUDE in this poem as the kind that is conscious, and that aggravates me especially since I tend to be kind of chattery and so on and it doesn’t always go over well and then…I fume. Ugh.

  3. I guess it is a different way because people in Philadelphia mostly seem friendly. My daughter in Boston says you can tell the natives there because they don’t talk to anyone. 🙂

  4. Every area has its ways people get along and everyone knows it or, like me, you come to a new place and figure it out. You would think in this day and age it might not be like that but it is, and I am glad.

  5. I have encountered so many people like this working in retail or as receptionists or otherwise representing the “front of shop” of a business or organisation and I always wonder whether the people who run that place know how off-putting their employee is, what they thought they were doing installing that person in that position. Obviously everyone is entitled to a bad day but I mean the people who are rude time after time. The rudeness is a chief characteristic. Of course, as we know, it is often the most obnoxious people who end up in positions of power and authority.

    As for the discussion of rudest cities, of all the places I have been to I must say that London and New York are by far the rudest cities I have experienced. I would say London would top the poll for me but that may simply be because I have been in London hundreds of times.

  6. Obviously I have my moments of being crabbit and rude but it definitely draws more energy from me than being pleasant and polite does. I wonder if people who tend to be angry and gripey most of the time are also drained most of the time.

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