Delusional? Maybe. Unscathed? Working On It.

From Spring Cleaning, a collection published in 2015.

Delusional? Maybe. Unscathed? Working On It.

I drive my car along the same route
every day.
The same pothole greets me
every day.
I feel sure it recognizes me and
it likes me.
Why else would such an impressive entity
as this portal to the center of the earth
(I exaggerate, but only a little)
go to such trouble to get my attention
day after day?
By now
I am careful to approach with proper respect
I am gentle and cautious in all interactions.
I do not like to risk spoiling our relationship
I must deny
is based on sheer destructive pleasure
on the one part
and anxiety for my car’s undercarriage
on the other.
No, it likes me.

Digital photo collage, 2015. Holes in a wood box.


15 thoughts on “Delusional? Maybe. Unscathed? Working On It.

  1. There’s a story, whether it’s an urban legend I do not know, of a person planting a tree in such a pothole. Said pothole was right in front of his house. The ‘authorities’ removed the tree and fixed the pothole. Any hole is asking to be filled. Rather a tree than part of one’s vehicle. no? Maybe it can even be filled by authority?

  2. I like the tree idea a lot. Around here in the Philadelphia area, potholes are common in spring after the winter freeze/thaw/snow and they get fixed too fast for a tree planting, usually. Where I grew up in the country in Tennessee, different story. Potholes lingered and lingered and became landmarks that you learned to take into account as you drove along. Just became old adversaries you met every day!

  3. Yes, I have met potholes in my life that I firmly believe had interesting ideas about your options, if they were so lucky as to swallow your car up.

  4. We’re out here in the country and the potholes are actually quite dangerous. It’s a tourist area and visitors are unaware. Many a tyre burst, even a fatal accident some weeks ago.

  5. Oh, that is bad. I know the potholes in my childhood area also caused blowouts and bent rims (the latter once happening to us, and expensive to fix). And the washouts at the side of the road could pull you into the ditch if you were not careful, or even if you were.

  6. I’ve had many a blown tire because of potholes. I thought they were bad back in rural Scotland but I think the Philly suburbs might have the worst case of potholes I’ve yet encountered. Potholes and I are not friends.

  7. At least here they do get filled, unlike where I grew up. But we get some monster ones and a lot of them, I agree, because, I think, we are subject to such extremes in winter – the freeze/ thaw cycles occur very often, vs it just getting cold and staying there all winter. Prime pothole conditions.

  8. I appreciate why they happen here and so frequently. I don’t get why it takes so long to repair them since the authorities must know there’s going to be a need to repair each and every year.

  9. I think it’s because they want to wait to make sure the weather has turned warm for good, because filled potholes heave back up very easily if fixed in the winter, so I think they just get the worst ones and wait until spring.

  10. Thank you. I enjoy taking kind of humdrum photos and seeing what, if anything (!) can be made from them in a collage kind of way. I like the ability to repeat and layer the same image and sort of develop a new pattern for it.

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