Concertgoers Check the Program Please

From the collection published in 2015, Spring Cleaning.

Concertgoers Check the Program Please

The voices drift out of the office
high tones weaving in and around
a lower harder set of sounds.
There is a tempo to the discussion and it is
The steady roar of the heating system
smooths and blurs the discordances.
A man leaves the office
The heating system cycles off
I feel I should clap
but I don’t know this composition and
it may be only the end
of the first movement

Mail art postcard, 2010.


15 thoughts on “Concertgoers Check the Program Please

  1. I can relate. I often hear these types of compositions. There was a sound in a parking lot elevator recently that I thought should become a song.

  2. I’m not really musical, in terms of listening to recordings or playing an instrument (though I did LONG ago); but I have always heard songs or rhythm in noise. Especially more since I lost some hearing with the medications I took for my hand issues in 2014. Funny how that worked.

  3. Thank you. I have wondered if my hearing loss has encouraged me to hear things this way more, since it happened, than when I actually heard everything. Very interesting change.

  4. A sudden silence and an amusing response…one of those things I would think of doing (clap) but wouldn’t (especially with no program)…

  5. Yes, I am always uncertain about clapping. Even with a program. So it’s me, wildly clapping…all by myself. At least it’s a positive response. ?!

  6. Have you ever been in an office when the electricity goes off? You never know how noisy it is until it isn’t. But then everyone flocks out into the hallway (because what can you do if you don’t have a computer?) and it’s a different sound all together. Great poem!

  7. Yes, I know just what you mean, everyone all excited and chattering, suddenly happy to talk, and a little keyed up because of the interruption of the routine. Kind of a fun atmosphere, really. Thank you.

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