Haiku 226-227

Blank dark rectangles
repeated across the wall
reflect the lamp’s light

Shadows in hiding
hesitate behind the house
crouching in the rain


10 thoughts on “Haiku 226-227

  1. Yes, kind of furtive and threatening in this case, not benign. The atmosphere of the rain and being behind the house is kind of scary. I liked the idea, wish I was good at plots, because this seems kind of like a little story…

  2. I guess I’m still thinking beginning middle end. I guess the thing is, there has to be a thread. I like uncertain endings but I need to know it is an ending. Fiction writing. I think about it. Maybe some day…

  3. I love shadows and the way they move and evolve and flicker as the light and other elements shift and change. I often find my eye is drawn to shadows, especially if they form a pattern as in your first poem.

  4. I’ve always been fascinated with them too. I remember when I belonged to the camera club that’s when I really started noticing them, in photos I took.

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