Classic Look

From the collection published in 2015, Spring Cleaning.

Classic Look

The lady walks across the parking lot
in the warm sunshine
Thursday morning.
Her pink shirt and green pants
are a nice look.
this year.
She matches
the pink blossoms on the trees lining the lot
the yellow-green baby leaves just coming out
They are
every year.

Clay tile, 2015. Lady watering her head. 6″ x 6″.


19 thoughts on “Classic Look

  1. Thank you. Pink and green was a popular combination in my area in my college years for preppy people by I have had a sneaking liking for it all along wherever it appears.

  2. Yes. Nina did some people with trees on their heads I think…or maybe it was flowers also. It’s on that long list of ideas to do something with. Our minds are filled with many mysterious things.

  3. I had not given it a great deal of thought but I definitely reach for different colour combinations depending on the season. I don’t wear much green because it doesn’t suit my skin tone but I do like the combination of green and pink and green and yellow.

  4. I find those fabric prints garish personally but for clothing. I do like the colour combinations and think it’s the busy nature of the prints I don’t particularly like.

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