Tanka 37

Slatted window blinds
split the street outside in strips
neat and even-spaced
Stack the landscape earth to sky
as cars hop from space to space.

Window overlooking the neighbors’ house, April, 2017.


8 thoughts on “Tanka 37

  1. I love the way your poems often make me think about things differently and this is one such example. I had never really considered the fact that looking through slatted blinds divides the view into slices. It’s like a collage of strips.

  2. I have a direct line ancestor who was a venetian blind maker in mid-19th Century London. When I was about 10, I remember my Gran remarking to my Grandad that his dark eyes and complexion must have been because of his Italian ancestry. My Grandad was stumped by what she was going on about until it dawned on him that she had always thought his Great-Grandfather was a blind maker from Venice rather than a maker of slatted blinds. They had been married for almost 40 years at that point and yet that misunderstanding had never been clarified before.

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