Change of Emphasis

From the poetry collection published in 2015, Spring Cleaning.

Change of Emphasis

The wind blowing across my knees
because I’m wearing shorts
first time this season.
Outside here in the sunshine
a little chilly, maybe, but
I cease to notice it
I trap a yellow jacket
as I cross my legs

Wasp nest on outdoor light, February, 2015.


10 thoughts on “Change of Emphasis

  1. Yes, I just happened to look up and there it was. They do nest in the oddest places but this one really makes a lot of sense – nice and open and plenty of room for a good-sized nest.

  2. Sadly no, this poem was based on real life and it stung me. But it was just a little yellow jacket, not the really big wasps that HURT A LOT when they sting, and this I know as recently as a couple of summers ago when one got me on my hand and it swelled and hurt and itched and…this is not interesting!

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