Calling Up

From Spring Cleaning, a collection published in 2015.

Calling Up

The pale sky uncertain if it will progress to blue
or remain a washed-out gray
but the wind is whipping
it’s hat-blowing-off strong
and so I know
the weather is changing but which way will it go
I don’t know but I do know
the plants in their pots lined up for sale
at the store
are set outside to tempt shoppers
I am tempted
and so
I will set my thoughts toward blue skies
and buy a pot of pansies to bring them to me.

“Fanciful Flowers” – fabric wall hanging, 2000


21 thoughts on “Calling Up

  1. Thank you, this time of year is kind of exciting, I think, with all the unpredictability. I wish I had a better picture of that fabric flower wall hanging but back then I only had film and my pictures were washed out or blurry. I did like making compositions with flowers in my fabric art era and I remember this one as a favorite.

  2. Thank you! I used to do a lot of fabric applique work, of which this is one, and I wish the picture were better, but I was still using a film camera then (and taking pretty poor shots of everything. Thank you, digital camera, for coming along in the nick of time). I enjoyed the process of composing something like this and getting it to look filled and happy without chaos!

  3. I learned to sew clothing when I was young and got into this because I knew how to sew and it seemed like an accessible art form for me at the time – I was interested in doing something art-wise but had no training. I went from here into collage (kind of similar). And then painting and so on.

  4. You’ve definitely captured that feeling of being on the cusp of seasons. I love that idea too of choosing an action (buying pansies in this case) to try and inspire a change or an event beyond our control. It’s something I’ve done many times.

    Your textile art is magnificent. It reminds me of the colourful flowerbeds in formal gardens of Scottish castles. I grew up near a palace and we often visited the gardens and I would spend time drawing all the shapes and colours. Your piece makes me think of that vibrancy and diversity, the energy of all those different blooms in one place.

  5. Thank you. I did so many fabric pieces and have very few left (they were the first art I sold). It’s what led me into collage – I liked making the composition and got impatient with the sewing aspect of it as time went on. I am wondering if your sewing son might like something along these lines? People also incorporate paper and so in these fabric/mixed media pieces. Lots of room for experimentation. If I were doing it now I’d be more inclusive of what I used in the piece and how I attached it.

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